Demo Review: Pissblood – Fevered Dreams of Delirium

The Portland, Oregon label, Vrasubatlat, has added a new project to its roster recently. The secretive label has recently grown to include a new d-beat quintet, anointed in waste and deviance. Pissblood features the label’s founder, known simply as R., and fellow members of Vrasubatlat’s other projects. This new entity has given the label the opportunity to explore not only new genres but new lyrical themes as well. Vrasubatlat’s bands all have associated lyrical themes. Utzalu discusses suicide and betrayal through reference to Emile Zola’s writings. Triumvir Foul uses Sumerian mythology as an allegorical tool to portray disgust and hedonism.

For Pissblood, it is a bedlam of punk fury detailing sexual deviance. Fevered Dreams of Delirium, as the label puts it, “…offers a psychedelic and abstract lyrical (and aesthetic) approach by visiting the themes of Pier Paolo Pasolini: decadence and perversion.” The late Pasolini was famous as a film director and writer who dealt in often-taboo sexual themes. These explorations often brought him much controversy and backlash from Italian society, however. The debut four-song demo certainly resembles the ideas of Pasolini. The NSFW album artwork and song titles such as “Passion Rooted in Perversion,” one could suspect it is merely shock value the band seeks. Yet, this could not be further from the truth.

Vrasubatlat’s methods are exact. Each song is a furious and calculated display of degeneracy through d-beat violence. Pissblood‘s exploration of these abject themes barely breaks 13 minutes. Fevered Dreams is broken up into four separate songs that come at the listener with breakneck speed. However, what is most striking is that the punk project is easily distinguishable from the other works coming from the VT camp, yet it manages to fit comfortably into the label’s lineup. Vrasubatlat remains an innovative and original beast in metal’s underground. Pissblood is definitely one to add to the collection.


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