Video Premiere: The Holy Circle – “Basel (About What Was Lost)”

The Holy Circle is a synthpop trio comprised of Experimental Metal band, Locrian‘s Terence Hannum on synths, vocalist Erica Burgner-Hannum, and drummer Nathan Jurgenson (Screen Vinyl Image). Together, the group plays a brand of music that shares a stylistic semblance to Justin Broadrick’s Jesu or Kate Bush. The trio already has a 7″ lathe release to their name and are set to release their self-titled cassette this week through Accidental Guest Recordings. The cassette features four songs, each of which is accompanied by a video.

The Holy Circle – Self-Titled cover

The Amalgam is lucky to have the opportunity to premiere the self-titled cassette’s second track, “Basel (About What Was Lost)”, in the form of its beautiful music video directed by Terence. The song, which nears seven minutes in run time, is accentuated by Erica’s radiant voice that exists in an ethereal realm above the dreamy synths that Terence creates. Erica’s voice draws comparisons to a melancholic Sade as she exudes incredible control of her voice, capturing a lucid display of ambient music. The video mirrors the beauty in The Holy Circle‘s music. Terence’s direction uses flowers with hues of pink and purple that merge seamlessly with the song, creating a euphoric pseudo-synesthesia that encapsulates the band’s overall aesthetic qualities.

The Holy Circle is on Facebook and Twitter, be sure to follow them for the latest updates. The group is also working on an upcoming LP this winter that is being recorded by J. Robbins (ClutchThe SwordJawbox) and has also performed with groups like Modern EnglishDark Blue, and Pleasure Leftists. The self-titled can be purchased through Accidental Guest Recordings.


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