Moogfest: In Photos

Having recently wrapped up writing coverage for Moogfest for Bearded Gentlemen Music, I realized I had a large amount of pictures I still wanted to share with fans and readers. In an effort to not inundate initial coverage with an abundance of images, remaining images that were captured can be found below.

Moogfest is a celebration of music, technology, culture, and the future. It also serves as an homage to the late Bob Moog who pioneered the analog synthesizer in which is named after him. The festival took place in the heart of downtown Durham, North Carolina. This was the first year the festival called the city home (and it will not be its last, it is set to return next year). Durham graciously welcomed musicians, scientists, professors, and even cyborgs into the confines of the “Bull City”. It was an exciting four days of festivities that offered a myriad of fun and intellectual activities to festivalgoers and the public alike.


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