RIP: Adrian Guerra (Bell Witch/Lethe/Sod Hauler)

It was with great sadness to learn this morning that Adrian Guerra, the former drummer and vocalist of Seattle’s Funeral Doom band, Bell Witch, had passed away. Guerra (pictured on the right) was known for his crushing drumming prowess and was pivotal in crafting some of the most powerful Funeral Doom Metal that has been constructed over the last five years. He, together with Dylan Desmond, built a formidable discography in Bell Witch. With their self-titled debut in 2011, Longing in 2012, and the mighty Four Phantoms last year, Guerra and Desmond became statuesque figures in one of Metal’s heaviest subgenres. Bell Witch utilizes only a bass guitar and drums, it showcases the exemplary talent that could construct such a dense and horrifying sound. Adrian also spent time in the Sludge/Stoner Rock group Sod Hauler as well as in the instrumental group, Lethe. During 2013, he also spent time as a live member for the Doom Metal band, Shaodw of the Torturer.

Adrian Guerra

Guerra was an excellent musician and a wonderful human being who has left a lasting legacy not only with the music he created but with the people’s lives he touched and the memories he shared. Four Phantoms took the title of 2015’s best Funeral Doom Metal album in my column over at Metal Injection and was widely regarded as one of the best albums in metal last year in a number of year-end lists. Losing anyone, especially someone as talented and special as Adrian, is never easy. Sentiments have been coming in from friends and fans alike. To see the amount of people sharing their memories and condolences is a true measure of Guerra’s impact on the world. Our thoughts are with the loved ones of Adrian during this tough time. May he forever rest in peace.


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