Gatecreeper & Young And In The Way Cover Pentagram & Candlemass on New Split

In this camp, covers typically tend to be frowned upon. In most cases, the songs are not given the justice they fully deserve or the band attempting the cover falls flat. Generally, the new take on an old classic just does not cut it. However, with that being said there seems to be a small string of cover songs developing that have done some classic songs justice. It started last month when New York Tech-Death group, Pyrrhon, nailed a ruthless cover of Death‘s classic, “Crystal Mountain” and it continues on a new split released from A389 Recordings that features bands Gatecreeper and Young And In The Way.

Arizona Death Metal quartet, Gatecreeper, cover a Pentagram song called “All Your Sins” from their 1984 album, Relentless. As one might expect, the switch from a classic Doom Metal sound to Death Metal is a bit of a jump. The two genres are foundationally different in their execution of heavy metal sounds. Fortunately, this should not deter listeners from enjoying this new take on an old gem. The same can also be said for North Carolina’s own, Young And In The Way. The blackened Crust outfit takes on a version of Candlemass‘s “Solitude”, the opener to their massive debut album, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.

It is quite the feat for both of the featured bands. Each song is a brilliant and refreshing take on ancestral Doom Metal songs that hold their weight against the originals. Check out both songs below and order the split 7″ here.


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