RLYR (Members of Pelican, Locrian, & Bloodiest) Show Off New Song, “Slipstream Summer”

You pronounce it “Relayer”. The trio of Pelican’s Trevor de Brauw, Locrian’s Steven Hess, and Bloodiest’s Colin DeKuiper have formed this experimental, post-punk/hardcore entity to showcase a dynamic symbiosis the collective members have grown on. Originally established by de Brauw and Hess, who later recruited DeKulper, these giants of the Chicago experimental and progressive scenes are getting a proper debut album in 2o16 entitled Delayer. The album will be released through Magic Bullet Records on June 17th.


The album will feature four songs that cover roughly forty-two minutes of sense-stirring instrumentation from three brilliant musicians. De Brauw holds down guitar duty while Hess covers the drums, and DeKulper solidifies the low-end on bass. On paper, this lineup is set to dazzle when this album is released. If for whatever reason you seem skeptical, the opening track to Delayer can be heard now. “Slipstream Summer” is nearly six and a half minutes of hypnotic, instrumental bliss worthy of many repeated listens (speaking from experience.) Check out the track below and be sure to preorder the album from the label’s Bandcamp page.



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