A/V: Inter Arma’s 9-Minute Monster, “Transfiguration”

Richmond, Virginia is home to many influential and great metal bands. Gwar, Lamb of God, and Municipal Waste are just a few to name but the city contains much more. One of the acts storming through the crowd of bands and into the spotlight of national and international acclaim is the quintet of Inter Arma. Entering their second decade as an entity, the group specializes in taking all of the best parts of genres like Post-Metal, Doom, Death, and Black Metals and fusing them together into a riveting concoction. Inter Arma unleashed destructive waves of metal in 2013 with Sky Burial and in 2014 with a single-song EP, The Cavern.

Inter Arma are returning in 2016 with their newest full-length album, Paradise Gallows. A nine-song, 71-minute “…vibrant blend of doom, post-metal, sludge, avant-garde, black and death metal”. To back up the claims, the group and Relapse Records released the song “Transfiguration” from the album. The track is anything Inter Arma fans could want and more. It opens on reverberating vocals and a high-flying riff before erupting into a sludgy death section as it approaches the midway point. The track is quite the bruiser and is more than enough to get fans excited for the release of Paradise Gallows on July 8. You can pre-order the album now at this site. The group is also currently out on tour (I’ll be seeing them in about seven hours at the time this is published). The track listing and the new song can be found below!

Paradise Gallows Track Listing:

1. Nomini
2. An Archer in the Emptiness
3. Transfiguration
4. Primordial Wound
5. The Summer Drones
6. Potomac
7. The Paradise Gallows
8. Violent Constellations
9. Where the Earth Meets the Sky



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