Album Review: Gramatik – Epigram

If there is one statement that could be said more it is “Gramatik has released new music.” It feels exceptional being able to hear it almost every year and it is always worth the wait. Two years ago, Gramatik released one of the best electronic albums produced with The Age of Reason. He also delivered with Coffee Shop Selection last year and this year he has given the world Epigram. Year after year, Gramatik continues to deliver fantastic music

When you enter into the realm of electronic music, whichever subgenre you connect with most, every artist must be versatile. That is being able to easily alter their music within their respective style. One of many things that makes an artist successful is their ability to not produce the same thing repeatedly. Versatility lets the musician stand out and shows their audience what they are truly capable of. Gramatik is a wizard with his versatility and this has led him to be a successful artist (and one of my personal favorite artists). Each album has a different vibe and flow to it while maintaining the jazzy influence and baselines.

Epigram consists of ten songs guaranteed to keep your head in constant motion. “Satoshi Nakamoto” helps to open up the album (after a brief intro song) and pulls you straight into a fast-paced feel. This carries into “War of the Currents,” which amplifies the intensity once more and continues into consecutive “Native Son” tracks with Raekwon and Leo Napier (who has never had a bad feature) these help slow the album down a bit, allowing the listener to begin feeling the jazz style.

This slower tempo slope hits its absolute minimum in “Room 3327”, the hidden gem on this album. (Sorry about the calculus reference, had to use the opportunity). While in this slower tempo, the listener can sit back and relax with all of the melodies and embrace the “ancient times” feel it has. It’s not until “Back to the Future” pulls us out of this slow rhythm and brings us back to a neutral level of speed throughout the rest of the album with “Corporate Demons” and “Anima Mundi,” which close the album in style.

Gramatik 3

Epigram is a fantastic album written and created by a fantastic artist. This will not be the last time you hear about this album, but in the meantime listen to it for yourself and see how you feel about it!

Rating: 9.5/10



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