BORIS and MERZBOW Announce Massive Collaborative Album, Gensho

Japanese powerhouses Boris and Merzbow are not shy to the notion of collaboration. The undefinable metal trio of Boris and noise master, Merzbow, have worked together in the past and have even performed live as one act. A performance together in 2014 has spurned the idea of a new, massive collaborative effort between the two entities, entitled Gensho.

Gensho, which translates to “Phenomenon”,  will feature 150 minutes of individual music from both artists. Disc 1 will have nine former songs from Boris that have been voided of percussion while Disc 2 will feature brand new content from Merzbow. The key to this collaborative album is that both sets are to be played simultaneously at varying volumes. The hope is for the listener to achieve their own “gensho”.

It is a very remarkable and interesting idea that Boris and  Merzbow are trying to pull off. To give you a sense for what it will sound like, the two released a live video and a trailer to go with this announcement. The 2-CD/4-LP is set for release through Relapse Records on March 18th. Preorders for it can be done here for physical copies and here for digital.


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