Black Tusk to Release Final Recordings with the Late Jonathan Athon in the Form of ‘Pillars of Ash’

Early November 2014, the punk/metal community lost a battle-tested member of its ranks. Black Tusk’s founding bassist/vocalist Jonathan Athon unexpectedly died in a motorcycle accident in Savannah, Georgia. Black Tusk has been working tirelessly over the past decade releasing consistent music and relentlessly touring to share their music live with fans.

Prior to Athon’s death, Black Tusk had completed work on an album and are planning to release it on January 29, 2016 through Relapse Records. The album is entitled Pillars of Ash. To commemorate the announcement for this upcoming album, they have released a song from the album called “God’s on Vacation”, which can be heard below.

unnamed (6)

Pillars of Ash stands to show the strength and determination of the surviving members of Black Tusk, Andrew Fidler (guitars) and James May (drums), as they look to carry on in remembrance of Jonathan.


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