SUMAC Are Preparing to Record A New Album

SUMAC, the dynamic duo of Aaron Turner (ISIS, Old Man Gloom, Mammifer) and Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) released their monster debut album, The Deal, back in February of this year. The Deal showed off a heavier side to Turner’s repertoire and solidifed Yacyshyn as one of the most relentless drummers in metal (this is my personal opinion of course, but have a listen for yourself and you will agree.) You would think after the release of an album, touring with Neurosis, and being involved in a number of other projects collectively, it would mean that we wouldn’t get another SUMAC record, right?



According to Yacyshyn’s Facebook page, SUMAC is in fact starting the process of recording a new album at the end of the week. This is certainly exciting news, as SUMAC came roaring onto the scene this year and will only look to improve on their chemistry and sound on this upcoming album. Stay tuned for more news as it arrives.


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