A/V: Gevurah’s ‘Dialogue of Broken Stars’ Marks a Calm Before an Unholy Storm

Montreal’s black metal duo, Gevurah are gearing up for a full-length album in 2016 through Profound Lore Records. You might remember their 2013 debut album, Necheshirion, which was an unrelenting display of impious black metal and death worship. In lead-up to this impending full-length album, Gevurah have released a 2-song 7″ entitled Dialogue of Broken Stars. The titles of the two songs are aptly called, “Dialogue of Broken Stars A” and “Dialogue of Broken Stars B”.  Track A is seven and a half minutes of thundering roars and iconoclastic . Track B is a somber, instrumental piece that provides a stark dichotomy to the first track. Overall, the demo provides a glimpse into the range that Gevurah covers with their music and what to expect with the impending release of their massive 2016 album.

Check out the 7″ below courtesy of Graceless Recordings!


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