A/V: Vastum’s ‘Hole Below’ is the Death Metal Fix You Need

Full disclosure: I have never completely gravitated towards death metal. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it. However, my tastes in metal tend to lie in other genres. I love the classic bands like Death and Bolt Thrower, you cannot go wrong with them. It is the more recent stuff that kind of slips by me. There hasn’t been a whole lot from the death metal camp in 2015 so far that has garnered my attention outside of Abyss’s Heretical Anatomy, Cruciamentum’s Charnel Passages and The Black Dahlia Murder’s Abysmal.

Enter Vastum’s Hole Below. Brutality defined, this San Francisco five-piece have released their third studio album on 20 Buck Spin today. Vastum utilizes a dual-vocal approach with Daniel Butler and Laila Abdul-Rauf. Abdul-Rauf also plays guitars along with Shelby Lermo while Luca Indrio and Adam Perry cover bass and drums, respectively. Hole Below is a six-song LP of pure, unadulterated, face-ripping death metal. It trudges on with a visceral heaviness that leave those of lesser heart fleeing for safety.

I’ll leave it to the Bandcamp page to summarize it best:

“The abhorrent vocal (and lyrical) morbidity traded by imposing frontman Daniel Butler and Abdul-Rauf continues to be the most formidable combination in Death Metal. The intimidating rhythm section of Luca Indrio and Adam Perry steer the war machine through the pooled blood and skull fragments scattered amidst the debauched iniquity of this peculiar hell.”

Pick up the digital copy of the album or CD here. Be sure to check out all of the other music from Vastum’s fellow labelmates as well. There are a handful of incredible albums that have been released from 20 Buck Spin, they’re having a stellar 2015.


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