Pick Up Relapse Records’ FREE 2015 Sampler!

Relapse Records has been celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, they’ve been pulling out all the stops by reissuing classic albums from veteran bands as well as continuing to release killer new music from a wide variety of metal bands. Today, they have announced the release of their annual sampler filled with songs from their signed bands.

The sampler features songs from a multitude of Relapse artists who have released or remastered albums this year. It includes everything from highly touted music from Torche, Myrkur, and Windhand to smaller diamonds in the rough such as Pinkish Black, Hope Drone, and Minsk. Also included are songs from new Relapse signees Magrudergrind, Ilsa, Seven Sisters of Sleep, and more. The sampler totals 36 songs and plenty of diverse music to last you a couple hours in a car

You can download it for free on Relapse’s Bandcamp page and Amazon MP3. I have already got my copy. It’s free, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have this.


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