A/V: GOLD’s Alluring New Album, ‘No Image’, Covers the Rock Spectrum

Milena Eva, the vocalist of the Dutch post-everything rock group, GOLD, describes their newest album best when she stated,

No Image is the darkest and prettiest work I ever was a part of. It’s a naked document of the emotional struggles of a forward thinking soul in a backwards world, where seclusion and isolation always lurk.”

GOLD blends a lot of different types of rock and metal into No Image. Everything from post-punk and indie rock to experimental rock/metal and black metal is detectable in this record. The end result of this fusion is a stellar showcase of raw and unique music that strikes a seductive chord. Tracks, “Shapeless” and “The Controller“, have set the tone for No Image prior to it’s North American release on November 6th. In hearing the album in its entirety, it is largely apparent this album is a much more dynamic beast. Every song on No Image is a different creature. “Tar and Feather” is a Manticore comprised of black metal and fuzzy post-punk while “Old Habits” is a trance-inducing Sirena full of feedback-forging guitars, metronomic drums, and an oft-repeated chorus.

Conquering each song on the album is a pleasure in itself. GOLD’s singular sound arises from bold experimentation with many different kinds of rock music and metal while adding their own fervent emotions. No Image is an extraordinary step forward in this band’s progression. I am certainly hoping to see them get states-side for a tour in the near future.

GOLD Band Live

If you would like to listen to GOLD’s first-rate album, No Image, you can stream it now via Noisey. Make sure to order your copy from Profound Lore.


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