A/V: The Body & Krieg’s “Bottom of the Bottle, Bottom of the River” is Magnificently Bleak

Collaborative masterminds Chip King and Lee Buford of The Body are known for not only their independent work, but numerous albums done in conjunction with other notably terrifying musicians. The Body plays a very distinguishable and haunting breed of experimental metal. Their previous collaborative works have included albums with The Haxan Cloak, Thou, and Braveyoung. This time The Body are back and working with New Jersey black metal group, Krieg, who have been arguably the most important band in the development of the United States black metal landscape and have remained a pillar in the genre despite a bit of a revolving door in their lineup and recent return from sabbatical (they have a new album in works reportedly).

Their first song can be heard below. It is a heavily distorted, blackened fuzz track that could easily induce night terrors if introduced to the unprepared or meek. I am hoping that The Body and Krieg continue to do more collaborative work in the future, this has some incredible promise.


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