GOLD Go Post-Black Metal on Great New Track, “The Controller”

Dutch “post-everything” quintet GOLD released a music video for “The Controller”, the third song from their second studio album, No Image. The album will be released on October 24th in Europe through Ván Records and November 6th in North America through Profound Lore.  The video starts out pretty reserved, using slow motion shots of rolling waves and flying birds. The video then does a 180 and becomes incredibly jarring as it flashes split-second images of internet stars and videos that resort to rather off-kilter actions in order to garner views.

GOLD No Image

Vocalist Milena Eva said about “The Controller”:

“‘The Controller’ is a sweet little post-black metal song about a confusing world, which comes with a confusing video. What is real? Is ‘in real life’ actually taking place in the outside world? And who’s in charge?! It is a psychedelic collage of beautiful offline and wondrous online footage: the Normandy sea, Moroccan Alpine choughs, ASMR, banana tutorials and crying babies. Have you taken your pills? Or are you getting out of control?”

GOLD Band Live

You can check out the video for “The Controller” below. I have greatly enjoyed everything I have heard from No Image already and am looking forward to hear the rest of the album. Eva’s voice can be both superbly melancholic and radiantly sanguine. Her voice adds another level to an already soaring rhythm provided by Thomas Sciarone and Nick Polak on guitars, Tim Meijer on bass, and Igor Wouters on drums.

GOLD are poised to surge ahead of other post-*subgenre* acts with No Image, make sure to keep an eye out when the album is released.


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