A/V: Panopticon Has Discovered What Fall Sounds Like With Title Track to “Autumn Eternal”

Today marks the Autumn equinox and the first days of fall here in the Northern hemisphere. The leaves are going to begin changing colors, the air will get a little crisper, and the temperatures will begin to dip. For some, this is a sad occurrence as summer is leaving us for another year and the freeze of winter looms. For others, this is a fun time. Holidays are approaching! There is time to be spent with loved ones and everything tastes like pumpkin! I look forward to fall for another reason. Call me a sucker for atmosphere, but there’s something so right about the fall’s chilling weather coupled with metal. It just feels right.


The fall of 2015 is getting off to a great start, there are a number of metal albums set to come out over the next two months. One worth noting is the sixth full-length album from one-man black metal act, Panopticon. A. Lunn left Kentucky and moved north to Minnesota for 2014’s Roads to the North. With this move comes a notable change in stylings from his earlier albums to Roads to the North and now the title track from Autumn Eternal. This new track presents a very ambient and chilling tinge to Panopticon’s atmospheric/folk black metal sound. It almost seems to be a melancholic continuation to Roads to the North. Lunn’s vocals, guitars, and drums hit with an honest desire to portray autumn’s magnificence. You can hear the leaves changing colors and the winds howling through the fiery trees in the new song. It stands for a fitting introduction to the majesty of autumn. Autumn Eternal arrives October 16th through Nordvis.

The track list for Autumn Eternal is:

  1. Tamarack’s Gold Returns
  2. Into the North Woods
  3. Autumn Eternal
  4. Oaks Ablaze
  5. Sleep to the Sound of Waves Crashing
  6. A Superior Lament
  7. Pale Ghosts
  8. The Wind’s Farewell

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