A/V: Intronaut Deliver New Track “Fast Worms”

A while back, Intronaut announced they would be releasing a new album in NovemberThe Direction of Last Things will be their fifth studio album and their fourth to be released through Century Media. This announcement came as an exciting prospect for progressive metal fans; Intronaut has been a dominating force in the genre for roughly a decade now.

It is important to note, (THE) Devin Townsend is responsible for the production and mixing of this album, and based on listening to the first track to be heard from The Direction of Last Things, it’s going to be some of Intronaut’s greatest work. “Fast Worms” premiered on Metal Sucks earlier today. The track stands to show the genius of Intronaut. They maintain parts their well-known, jazz-infused sound while adding a much heavier and refined tone throughout the song. It seems as though Townsend’s stylings combined with Intronaut’s penchant for progressive mastery have fused into something prepossessing. Check out “Fast Worms” below!


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