A/V: Deafheaven Releases Second Track From New Bermuda, “Come Back”

In the lead-up to the upcoming release of Deafheaven’s second studio album, New Bermuda, which is set to release on ANTI- Records on October 2nd; guitarist Kerry McCoy stated that the new album would siphon influences from earlier thrash metal. Quite the change of pace from the shoegaze/post/black/whatever-you-want-it-to-be that made Sunbather an incredible album and the best reviewed album of 2013.

The thrash influence became evident with the first track Deafheaven shared, “Brought to the Water”. It was a noticeably grittier track than what was featured on Sunbather. To prove that this was not a fluke and that, in fact, Deafheaven was taking a much more darker approach to their music, they released a second song from New Bermuda.


“Come Back”, the first track on their second album, is the embodiment of what Deafheaven can cover in their musical breadth. George Clarke’s caustic hisses and wails layered over sections of black metal tremolo and bludgeoning thrash sections sends this track soaring into the farthest reaches of the music stratosphere and through fires of classic Slayer-esque Hell.

I’m itching to hear the rest of New Bermuda. Based on what I have heard from “Brought to the Water” and now “Come Back”, I’m quite positive that this will be one of the best albums of the year, not just in metal but across the board in music. Those who have already heard the album are saying similar things so make sure to preorder the digital album here, preorder the physical album here, and see them on their upcoming tour with Tribulation.


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