A/V: GOLD – “Shapeless”

Skulking in the darkness of post-punk and noise rock is where we find GOLD’s new track “Shapeless”. The Dutch group are getting set to release their second album, No Image, on November 6th in North America through Profound Lore Records. “Shapeless” is the second track that has been released from this album (you can check out “Servant” here), and it is drenched in distorted drone. Milena Eva’s vocals linger beautifully over the guitars of Thomas Sciarone and Nick Polak, Tim Meijer’s bass, and Igor Wouters’ drums.

unnamed (2)

No Image is set to have a much darker feel to it, based on the two tracks made available so far and comments made by Eva about the new album. She states in a press release, “No Image is the darkest and prettiest work I ever was a part of. It’s a naked document of the emotional struggles of a forward thinking soul in a backwards world, where seclusion and isolation always lurk.”

You can check out “Shapeless” below and be sure to keep an eye out for the release of No Image at the end of October or early November, depending on where you live.


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