A/V: Mare Cognitum – An Extraconscious Lucidity (Remastered)


Jacob Buczarski operates under the one-man, ambient black metal band known as Mare Cognitum. While he physically resides in sunny Lake Forest, California; Buczarski’s music lives in the deepest cosmic reaches of the metallic void. Mare Cognitum is latin for “The Sea that has Become Known”. The sea rests in a large crater on the near side of the moon and was created by ancient volcanic eruptions, a rather fitting name for the music Buczarski constructs. Mare Cognitum’s music bursts with layered brilliance and it seems only right that I, Voidhanger Records is taking the 2012 release, An Extraconscious Lucidity, and remastering it for the masses.


An Extraconscious Lucidity was the second full album from Mare Cognitum. It will feature new artwork that has been described as, “an intriguing art design that underlines its nature as a true alien artifact.” The remastered version will arrive September 25th and beautifully opens the door to more cosmic depths that reside within the album, allowing for a more expansive and enthralling feel to an already stellar piece of music. Check out Mare Cognitum’s bandcamp page as well as I, Voidhanger’s official website for other great music. You’ll find the original recording of the album featured below. 


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