August’s Most Anticipated Releases

August is set to be a huge month for metal. There are a mind-boggling amount of releases across numerous metal genres and sub-genres, it would be impossible to find something that did not interest you. Here are The Amalgam’s highlights for the coming month (in chronological order of release date).

August 7th

Black Fast - Terms of Surrender

Black Fast – Terms of Surrender (eOne Music)

Neo-thrash band from St. Louis, Missouri releasing their studio debut. Their early stuff was quite promising, and their first single from new album, “To Propagate the Void”, is an absolute ripper.


Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction (Metal Blade)

Travis Ryan and company return with what is sure to be another step forward in the progression of their noble deathgrind crusade against humanity’s gruesome ways. The Anthropocene Extinction follows what future Earth will be like should humans continue on their current path of destruction.

Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss

Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss (Sargent House)

Folk/drone metal siren’s fifth studio album is set to be an incredibly haunting journey. Wolfe stated, “Abyss is meant to have the feeling of when you’re dreaming, and you briefly wake up, but then fall back asleep into the same dream, diving quickly into your own subconscious.”

Enabler - Fail to Feel Safe

Enabler – Fail to Feel Safe (Century Media)

There is some controversy currently surrounding the grindcore group involving domestic abuse and sexual assault between two of the members of the band who used to be a couple. There are some speculations this album may not be released. If it is released though, Enabler’s music is unrelenting and a standard for modern grindcore.

August 21st

Battlecross - Rise to Power

Battlecross – Rise to Power (Metal Blade)

Michigan thrash quartet are returning with their next pummeling album. Battlecross play a very cool breed of crossover thrash by mixing in elements of melodic death metal. Their newest album will be much of the same, and that same is very well done.

Ghost - Meliora

Ghost – Meliora (Loma Vista Recordings)

Papa Emeritus III has been unleashed, him and his nameless ghouls are set to start their global domination again with their newest and potentially heaviest release to date. This is probably my most anticipated release for the coming month. Ghost is a fantastically mysterious band whose music is trance-inducing and powerful.

Rivers of Nihil – Monarchy (Metal Blade)

This band’s debut effort blew critics away when it was released. From initial listens to tracks from the album, it appears that Rivers of Nihil will be steering very clear of a sophomore slump. They have progressed their metaphysical death metal sound to include some other influences.

The Sword - High Country

The Sword – High Country (Razor & Tie)

Is it a pun for a stoner metal band to call their newest album High Country? Typically yes, but The Sword go far beyond the label of stoner. The Texas quartet brilliantly meld elements of doom, stoner metal, and classic rock into one groovy package.

August 28th

Nile - What Should Not Be Unearthed

Nile – What Should Not Be Unearthed (Nuclear Blast)

Everyone’s favorite ancient Egyptian-themed death metal band returns for their eighth studio album. Every album is a brand new epic centered around Near Eastern history and mysticism.


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