A/V: Leviathan Covers Black Flag’s “My War”

Leviathan is a single, terrifying, black metal entity that goes by the name Jef Whitehead when it is not dementing the dreams of its listeners. Whitehead’s fiendish new album, Scar Sighted, came out back in March and scared all that is blissful and bright out of anyone who dared to listen. Scar Sighted has been one of the most brilliantly bleak albums to arrive this year and shook the foundation of the ever-changing United States black metal.

Black Flag - Leviathan
Consider Leviathan’s petrifying, new cover of hardcore punk legends, Black Flag’s “My War” the aftershock to the Scar Sighted earthquake. The latest edition to the Decibel Magazine FlexiDisc series sees the black metal maestro give a haunting twist to a classic hardcore song, resulting in a murky, blackened punk track to scare the neighbors with.


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