Ghost Officially Unveil Papa Emeritus III

Swedish metal band, Ghost, are known for their dramatic stage show and overarching theme of their papal lead singer and his band of nameless ghouls. With each album they release, they “cycle” through their previous anti-pope and to the next Papa Emeritus, as he is known.

Their 2013 release, Infestissumam, was a polarizing album that received both critical praise and vitriolic disdain (I personally was a huge fan of the album). The group at that time was fronted by Papa Emeritus II. The band’s popularity reached critical mass through their touring and shrouded mysteriousness, as the band members never broke character and were never seen without their costumes. As the touring circuit and promotion for Infestissumam came to a close, the end to the second pope was imminent.

Roughly two years passed until a few months ago, they released the name of their newest album, Meliora, and the knowledge that Papa Emeritus III would be arriving and the Nameless Ghouls would feature new masks. The group also dropped the first song (and eventually a video for it) entitled “Cirice”. NONE of this material featured what Papa Emeritus III exactly looked like, however that has changed today.

Ghost - Meliora
Ghost has released a video announcing the official arrival of the new father, and in typical Ghost fashion, it does not lack in dramatics. It features a portion of one of their songs, “From the Pinnacle to the Pit”, and close-ups of Papa’s wardrobe and menacing stare. Meliora arrives August 21.


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