Album Review: Mutoid Man – Bleeder

Mutoid Man erupted on the scene in 2013 with their EP, Helium Head. Gritty, raw, and unadulterated, the melding of some of hardcore music’s greatest minds came about in the form of an unremitting punk/metal band. Stephen Brodsky, Ben Koller (of Cave In and Converge) and Nick Cageao (Vermefüg) all shined in their efforts with Mutoid Man’s first release, leading to it being received with much praise from critics and fans alike.

Mutoid Man

Roughly 18 months later, Mutoid Man have returned with their follow-up to Helium Head. Their debut full-length album, Bleeder, is due out June 30th through Sargent House Records. The album features 10 tracks of blistering guitars and lashing drum sections serving as the platter in which Brodsky’s sweeping vocals are delivered. While this endeavor seems to have sacrificed some of the grit and rawness that Helium Head came with, it makes up or it in refined precision and heightened production. Bleeder is clear, clean, and concise all while maintaining an unabashed attitude . Basically, it dressed itself up in a suit, got a haircut, showed up to work, and smashed the copier with a baseball bat.

Brodsky, Koller, and Cageao deserve all of the acclaim that comes with this album. It’s an energetic and exciting release worthy of keeping on repeat for a very long time. Bleeder exemplifies the immense talent of the members within Mutoid Man and will hopefully signify the beginning of many more full-length releases from these brilliant minds. Make sure to pre-order a physical copy of the album here.


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