Album Review: Dom Kennedy – “By Dom Kennedy”

For The Amalgam’s first guest review; I brought Mike English in to write a review for the latest release from California rapper, Dom Kennedy. Check it out below. 

Alas From the Westside, With Love; Dom Kennedy releases his latest studio album, By Dom Kennedy. This 11-track disc features a host of west coast references coupled with the classic airy, laid back flow we’ve come to expect from any project from the Liemert Park native. This time around he makes sure, if it wasn’t evident before, that he’s here to stake his claim in the West Coast rap scene, which is “on top” Kennedy declares, while collecting O.P.M. (Other People’s Money) in the process.

“Keep it real like, on the comedy about who run rap/cuz LA is on top now and who run that”

Track 7: “Thank You Biggie”

Dom Kennedy - By Dom Kennedy

Dom, whose legal name is Dominic Hunn, is a reluctant businessman but has been busy recently getting placement in a Nike ad featuring Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and leveraging his independent fan base to ink an exclusive shipping deal with Best Buy for the release of his previous album, Get Home Safely.

“But for 65 grand y’all can switch my hat/to the Seahawks cuz I’m always down for the money”

Track 7: “Thank You Biggie”

For an independent artist with no major record label backing to orchestrate such a deal proved to be the first of its kind for an underground artist. With the current trends in the record industry surrounding revenue models and artist compensation this move by the O.P.M. camp gave Dom and his partner, Archie Davis, the needed fuel to grace his diverse fan base with another project to cruise to this summer.

Dom Kennedy

With standout tracks such as “Fried Lobster”, “Represent” and the sensual yet respectful “Too Bad”, which could very well be every hipster chick’s ringback tone (if those still exist), Dom K stays true to form on this LP.

“At 18 months old thru a smile I can see teeth coming now all he want to drink is lemonade/Good thing it don’t take much to make that”

Track 8: “Lemonade”

The simple ingredients needed to satisfy his child’s needs is more of a microcosm of Dom’s unique yet simple formula for creating a refreshing product, speaking real life situations on dope beats. The K.I.S.S. method has worked thus far for Dom and his O.P.M. brand and as the industry shifts to more independent, organic movements. Dom Kennedy is definitely a front runner for this generation of California MCs.


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