A/V: The Black Dahlia Murder – “Vlad, Son of the Dragon”

One of the most consistent bands in death metal over the last decade, The Black Dahlia Murder have been progressively evolving their sound into a finely tuned obliteration machine. Since the release of Ritual in 2011, the guys in The Black Dahlia Murder have made positive steps towards becoming an American death metal powerhouse. Two years later, they released their most complete effort, Everblack, to much critical acclaim. A few months ago they announced the impending release of their newest album, Abysmal.

TBDM - Abysmal

The album is finished and ready for release from the way it sounds. Today the Michigan quintet released the first song from Abysmal. The song is called, “Vlad, Son of the Dragon” and serves as the opening song for the album. It runs about three minutes long and is a pummeling force of a song. This is nothing out of the ordinary for The Black Dahlia Murder, they have always had a penchant for releasing superb music. Abysmal officially comes out September 18 on Metal Blade Records. It can be pre-ordered here.


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