Weekends on Bandcamp: June 20-21

Music news takes a considerable nose dive once the weekend approaches. Occasionally I will get an the itch to write about something on the weekends and with such limited news to report on, it can be a struggle to find inspiration. That is when I decided to take it upon myself to peruse Bandcamp and make new discoveries across numerous types of music. The discovery criteria for this new week(end)ly column include, but are not limited to:

  • Unique and interesting album artwork
  • Cool artist or band names
  • Highly anticipated releases that I was already aware of that are now available for full streaming/purchase

Now without further ado, the debut of “Weekends on Bandcamp”.

Vanum - Realm of Sacrifice

Vanum – Realm of Sacrifice

The highly anticipated debut from black metal dynamic duo, K. Morgan (Ash Borer) and M. Rekevics (Fell Voices, Vorde, Vilkacis), was well worth the wait. 4 songs totaling roughly 44 minutes of top-notch raw and atmospheric metal makes this album a must-listen.

Delta Sleep - Twin Galaxies

Delta Sleep – Twin Galaxies

UK alt/indie rock quartet released their debut album, Twin Galaxies, on the 15th and it is absolutely brilliant. It’s incredibly technical and precise in its execution as it switches between elements of ambience and post rock to downright punk and math rock. It’s a roller coaster you’ll want to ride multiple times.

Elder - Lore

Elder – Lore 

Psych rock of the highest quality. I heard this album earlier this year when it first came out but was reminded of it as I scrolled through Bandcamp. This is sneakily one of the best albums that no one is talking about. It’s a crime really… Lore is a shining example of the diamond you can find in the rough.


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