Glass Animals is the Coolest Band on the Planet

Oxford’s Glass Animals broke onto the scene in 2014 with the release of their debut full-length album, Zaba. Boasting soothing vocals over mellow jungle beats and indietronica tones; the English quartet manage to break away from the mold of typical indie rock bands. After a couple successful EPs in 2012 and 2013 (Leaflings and Glass Animals, respectively), a few breakout singles in the forms of ‘Black Mambo’ and ‘Gooey’ landed Glass Animals in the alternative rock spotlight.

Glass Animals - Zaba

Lead singer, Dave Bayley’s vocals go on safari as they ease their way through a tropical rainforest of song structures in a hunt for the perfect balance between instrumentation and style. What Bayley and fellow bandmates Drew MacFarlane (guitar), Edmund Irwin-Singer (bass), and Joe Seaward (drums) return with is a brilliant, unique library and limitless potential on where they can go with their music. They managed to brilliantly cover Kanye West’s ‘Love Lockdown’ in one instance.

It’s not just Glass Animals’ music that makes them the coolest band on the planet. Their art direction has produced some of the most colorful, detailed, and mind-melting substance. This is seen in everything from Zaba’s album cover, to their website, and on stage with their live performances. The band skillfully executes a constant theme with all of their work even including a jungle-themed backdrop with their live concerts.

Glass Animals’ world domination has commenced as they look to inject their jungle vibes into the masses. It’s slowly oozing its way across the globe as their notoriety continues to rise in the coolest manner possible. My suggestion would be to get out and experience their music live in more intimate settings before they’re doing sold-out arena tours. They’re currently out on tour across the United States and heading back out on tour later this year.


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