Album Review: Possession – “1585-1646 EP”

Belgium’s black metal wunderkind, Possession is a relatively new band having formed in 2012. Formed from the remnants of Dawn of Crucifixion; Viriakh and Dveikus teamed up with Mestema and Romain Sacco and in short order have hashed out an impressive discography that would suggest a band that had been created long before the birth of the Curiosity Rover.

Possession has crafted a 4-song EP that chronicles the 61-year life of a witch in the 16th and 17th century during a very “transitional” period in France. The Spanish Inquisition was looming heavily as civilization looked to move past the deaths of four kings in a roughly 40-year span and a transition from the Capetian Dynasty into the Bourbon Dynasty.

Clocking in at approximately 25 minutes (2.44 years per minute), the EP opens with ‘Obscurity – Visitation’. The woman receives a visit from the Devil in the 9-minute track and in ‘Ceremony’ ultimately is accepted into the Sabbath. ‘Guilty’ has the witch being chased, captured, and tortured by the people of France. The EP closes on ‘Ablaze’ that, as one might suspect, sees the end of the witch set on fire for her crimes.

The strength in Possession’s EPs and demo are very prominent, and 1585-1646 is no exception. This is an absolute ripper and a very healthy dose European black/death metal that leave you wanting much more. The EP officially comes out on June 6th and can be streamed here.


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