A/V: High on Fire – “The Sunless Years”

There is a particular echelon of musicians that exists out there. These musicians have somehow in their mystical ways had the ability to produce excellent music numerous times again and again. With each release; the confidence that this latest offering will, at worst, be just as good as every outstanding album prior.

High on Fire, led by Matt Pike and all his shirtless glory, are returning with a new album entitled Luminiferous on June 23rd and yesterday they released a second single from the album. ‘The Sunless Years’ boasts the same gritty, sludgy tones that HoF have always been known for. You can stream the track here (It premiered on Entertainment Weekly of all places…).

I’m already convinced that Luminiferous is going to be one of my favorite albums this year and I’ve only heard two songs from it. The first single, The Black Plot, can be found below.


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