Ghost Reveal Papa Emeritus III and Announce ‘Meliora’

Swedish metal band, Ghost, have been operating in secrecy for the last seven or so years. With each new album they announce a new lead singer in the form of the anti-Pope, Papa Emeritus. Their debut album saw Papa Emeritus as their lead singer. His other band members known as the Nameless Ghouls accompany Papa in very dark shows and videos bordering on sacrilege that mock Catholicism.

2013 saw the release of the highly polarizing Infestissumam as well as the introduction of Papa Emeritus II. The album split the metal community into opinioned camps that either praised the album as a worthy Album of the Year to others being firmly annoying by the eclectic music and falsettos done by Emeritus II.

I was a big fan of their second album, which is why I am excited about the official announcement of what was inevitably already known by everyone. Ghost will be releasing their third album entitled, Meliora. The album is set to release on August 21st and the band has released the cover artwork and track list for the album as well as secretly releasing a trailer for the new Papa and masks to be worn by the Nameless Ghouls. The video aired late night on VH1 Classic and can be seen below along with the track listing.

  1. Spirit
  2. From the Pinnacle to the Pit
  3. Cirice
  4. Spöksonat
  5. He Is
  6. Mummy Dust
  7. Majesty
  8. Devil Church
  9. Absolution
  10. Deus in Absentia

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